• Thermography

    A hot weapon against breast cancer

    Survival rates for Breast Cancer have not changed since 1975 in spite of the billions of dollars raised annually for research. With only one out of three women surviving five years after their diagnosis and 110 dying daily. This year 1.4 million women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer worldwide of which 336,600 will be in the USA.

    Life expectancy of an American woman in 1955 was 5th in the world; today it is 50th, equal to a 3rd world country. This is a disgrace to our country and our profession. Why are we unable to save our women? Undoubtedly this is a complex question which needs to be addressed at all levels.

    As Doctors we strive to give our patients the best care and treatment possible. Our treatments are based on utilizing the standard of care diagnostic tools available to us. Recommended to us by” peer review” “evidence based” medical research.

    Unfortunately the evidence shows we are missing the boat when it comes to Breast Cancer and prevention of all mayor diseases. Why? Because we need a diagnostic test that can show Breast Cancer and others diseases, before they begin, not once there are 4 billion Cancer cells present. Today’s standard of care, state of the art testing, for breast cancer is about early detection not prevention.

    Early detection tests for breast cancer fall short in their performance with rates of 25% false positives and 30% false negatives leading to over treatment and under diagnoses.

    Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, FDA approved since 1982, is the first and only truly preventive test for breast cancer. Thermography is a non invasive scan (does not touch the patient) and has zero radiation. Thermography detects breast cancer, and other inflammatory conditions, ten years earlier than any other modality in existence (at the point of angiogenesis).

    Thermography is a physiological test verses the structural and anatomical tests which we are used to. It will detect abnormal activities in the breast by detecting increased heat, blood flow or changing vascular patterns, warning us that something suspicious is happening in the breast tissue. Breast Thermography has been researched for over 30 years and over 800 peer-reviewed breast Thermography studies exist in the index-medicus-The International Academy of Clinical Thermography.

    As Orlando’s only Thermal Imaging Center, Dr Maggie Ruiz-Paedae, partners with doctors in order to offer patients this state of the art technology. To make an appointment contact us at: 407-345-5622

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