• Written Testimonial: Years of pain now gone

    I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Maggie and her expertise in healthcare for the whole person.
    She was an absolute Godsend when I needed help for an acute digestive disorder. My symptoms seemed to come out of the blue, over a period of a few months.
    I was barely eating or sleeping due to increasing pain and discomfort. Dr. Maggie left no stone unturned when asking questions about my health. Based on the answers I gave and her vast knowledge in this area, she ordered certain tests that provided invaluable information. One of the tests revealed that I had the genetics that could predispose me to developing full blown autoimmune celiac disease. The way that I was feeling at the time leads me to believe that I may have been well on my way to that.  Dr. Maggie formulated a diet, supplement and lifestyle plan for me. To my surprise, as I did the things she advised me to do, my condition began to subside rather quickly. It’s scary now, to think where I would be if I hadn’t gotten the answers and advice that she provided me. Not only did my main symptoms of pain and discomfort disappear but other symptoms that I had been experiencing for years got better as well. I had numerous bouts of what I thought was gallbladder pain throughout the years. My gastroenterologist wanted me to have surgery to remove my gallbladder but I chose not to. After doing some research I decided to do gallbladder flushes instead. I would be fine for a while after but then symptoms would return about once a year or so and I would do another flush. Well, since I have been on the plan that Dr. Maggie made for me, I haven’t had even one flare up. That is remarkable to me!  It was amazing to find out that so many of my problems were directly related to my poor gut health.
    I would highly recommend Dr. Maggie and her wonderful staff to anyone experiencing digestive or any other health concerns. She has keen insight into finding the root cause of the problem.
    God bless you Dr. Maggie and Staff!
    Diane Horton
    Orlando, Fl
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