• Testimonial: Getting Back Energy and Vigor

    It was just months before the end of 2013 that I had met Dr. Maggie at a local speaking engagement she spoke at. She spoke of healing of many ailments of the body through diet. This diet and the nutrition for healing idea caught my curiosity and raised my hopefulness. As I processed what I had heard from her over a couple months I found myself at a first consultation in her office. For an amazing two and a half hours she assessed and got to know me and my situation. I must add that I showed up just in time because I was really breaking down at the end of 2013 … at the young age of 25. This, with no “major” disease to speak of, but with a debilitating lack of energy and vigor; just run down. So we got started right away, as I learned that day what I would be eating for my healing process.

    Through her testing, guidance, and patience I saw a return to normalcy and predictability in my overall health at two months. The two month mark was an extremely noticeable breakthrough point for me, and even more so, now eight months later.

    The most impressive aspect of her protocol has been that many unmentioned factors of my health have been strengthened even though they were not what I had come to get relieved from. For example, my breathing has become stronger and deeper. I attribute an experience like this to the wise nutritional diet she has aided me to follow, which treats the body like an all-inclusive medicine.

    Thanks Dr. Maggie, for this care your practice has brought to me and my health.

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