• Testimonial: A Scientific Approach Helps With GI Problems

    We met with Dr. Maggie after our pediatrician recommended we speak with her to help with our son’s GI problems. We have been working with her for over a month and are pleased the results so far. We appreciate that her approach is based on science and how she explains the reasoning behind her treatment plan in a scientific manner that is easy to understand. Her approach goes beyond simply eating the right foods, and now we understand why the right combination of the right foods will help our son. Also, we appreciate that unlike some whole health practitioners, Dr. Maggie’s goal is to get our son off of supplements, pills, and medicines, and heal him using science and nutrition. Also, Dr. Maggie not only points you in the direction of the resources you need to succeed, but goes the extra step to show you how. For example, she instructed us to purchase a GAPS recipe book and then took the time to send us a picture of the book so that we were sure we had the right one. Finally, she has been very accessible via email and text when we have a tough question or need additional information. We are lucky to have been working with Dr. Maggie!

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