• “Wyoming is the Food Freedom Capital: House Bill 56 Now Law” by Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

    For thousands of years, people survived and thrived on all-natural foods, fresh from the earth to the table. In the modern age, as patients face complications and difficulties from over-processed and over-regulated food, states like Wyoming are making it easier for everyday citizens to enjoy vegetables, dairy, and more straight from farmer to consumer.

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    “Wyoming is the Food Freedom Capital: House Bill 56 Now Law” by Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

    House Bill 56, also known as the Wyoming Food Freedom Act, was recently signed into law by Governor Matt Mead. The Wyoming Food Freedom Act allows for the unregulated and unlicensed sale of any food (apart from non-poultry meats) straight from farmer to consumer as long as the producer informs the buyer that the food is not regulated or inspected. The law allows for foods to be sold raw without having to go through any sort of pasteurization process or chemicals that may disturb their natural quality. Dieticians and nutritionists have long fought for the idea that raw, unprocessed foods are healthier for the body (especially the gut), however, such foods have always been unavailable for purchase because of health standards set by the government.

    Wyoming has taken this first step in allowing the average American to make their own decisions about what they believe is good for their body, and other states may soon follow. A similar bill is being pushed in West Virginia to allow for the sale of raw milk.

    As of now, evidence does not directly show that pasteurized milk is any less nutritional than raw milk, but long term studies aren’t yet available to provide a full picture. As a whole, it is speculated that the over-processing of foods is leading to many digestive problems that create other imbalances in the body. Diets, like the GAPS diet, have played a role in helping to return to balance. These diets tend to call for raw and unprocessed foods. Thanks to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense fund, HB56 now permits a “back to basics” approach to nutrition that allows regular Americans to be in control of their own health.


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