“It is my privilege and honor to guide you through your journey to health” – Dr. Maggie 


Dr. Maggie's Story

Dr. Delia Magaly Ruiz-Paedae (DOM) started her career in healthcare in 1984 when she completed her BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, USA. Her first post-graduate degree was a Masters in Medical Technology. She worked at the University Hospital (a teaching hospital) in P.R. for 6 years, mostly with cancer patients and children with AIDS. In 1989 she moved to Sebring, Florida where she obtained an AA in Business and under grad and post grad credits in Psychology. During the next 15 years Dr. Maggie managed a medical facility and lab; this allowed her to become proficient in every aspect of medical operations.

At the age of 42 after a divorce little did she know that this life experience would be the catalyst that would send her on a journey to change her life and the lives of so many others. She spiraled into depression and became a patient of the “standard treatment of western care.” During the treatment she experienced several negative side effects for which the solution was more medication. She realized this was turning into a vicious cycle. These treatments work for some but they did not work for her. She made the decision to find alternatives.

Dr. Maggie found the field of Integrative Medicine and it changed and saved her life. Within a year she was completely healthy and off every medication. She knew then that like her, there were many others out there going through the same thing and looking for alternate care, she had to find a way to help them.

After Dr. Maggie was accepted at Florida College of Integrative Medicine (FCIM) where she obtained a BS, Masters and became a DOM (Doctor of Oriental Medicine). The training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) included Tuina, Herbology, Homeopathic Injectables, Food Therapy, Counseling, Biofeedback, and many other modalities. She further enhanced her knowledge by continuing her certification in Functional Medicine. She is affiliated with FSOMA, Glutenology society , GAPS.me, Primal Docs and more. Her philosophy is that in order to find the root cause of a disease and actually cure the patient we need to treat the entire body, mind and spirit. With this, Dr. Maggie manages to take the patient from a ‘disease care system’ to a truly ‘health care system’.

In December of 2018  our beloved Dr. Maggie Ruiz Paedae passed away due to a brain aneurysm. Her sudden final journey impacted many deeply as how she influenced our lives. Maggie left behind her husband Billy, her Mom & Dad, daughter Veronica, son Jose, son in law Rob, 2 grandchildren Pierce and Julian and a grandchild on the way and dear extended family and friends.

Maggie also leaves behind Thrive Healthcare, which was her life’s passion so in her honor and memory we would like to keep it Thriving. This will ensure everyone has the opportunity to live healthy lives, as this was Maggie’s dream. Dr. Maggie’s family will continue her legacy with Thrive Healthcare and will continue to educate and heal others as that was her passion and life mission

We embark on a journey to health with our patients. It is our mission to partner with our patients in order to empower them with knowledge so that they may take control of their health.

Learn more about the philosophy that guides this journey here.


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