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    It’s cold and flu season again, and many Americans will be getting their flu shot to try to ward off the virus. However, while it’s hard to escape promotions for the flu vaccine, there aren’t as many commercials and public services announcements about the downside of the vaccine.


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    10 influenza vaccine dangers revealed by Christine M. Dionese, L.Ac, MSTOM

    This article sheds light on some information about the flu vaccine that is not often shared. It talks about the health risks that the vaccine ingredients can pose to those who receive the vaccine, as well as some data on the effectiveness of this vaccine.

    It cites this CNN article which heavily quotes Robb Butler, the World Health Organization technical officer in vaccine preventable diseases and immunizations in the organization’s Europe office in the Netherlands. Butler explains why European countries do not promote vaccination as much as the United States does. In essence, the World Health Organization thinks that there is a lack of evidence that certain groups of people will benefit from the vaccine.

    The World Health Organization is not alone in questioning how effective the flu vaccine really is. In addition to talking to Bulter, the CNN article above cited this exhaustive research on the flu vaccine. In this white paper the University of Minnesota researchers concluded that the flu vaccine is not nearly as effective as is often reported in the media (pg. 120), and that current vaccination policies in the US actually create barriers to improving the vaccine (pg. 121).


    There is an alternative

    The article “10 influenza vaccine dangers revealed” concludes with some suggestions on how to avoid the flu without getting the flu shot. Many of these suggestions involve using natural products to strengthen the immune system and improve overall health.

    One of the suggestions is to use a probiotic to balance gut flora, which directly effects the immune system. There is a lot of evidence that gut flora is critical to overall health, and imbalances in gut bacteria have been found to cause many health issues.

    One component of Dr. Maggie’s treatment systems is to “heal and seal” the gut by restoring balance to gut flora. The suggestions at the end of the Recommended Reading article may help a person avoid catching the flu, but if that person is not healthy to begin with they may see limited success from measures such as these.


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