One of the first things Dr. Maggie says to all her patients is “Are you ready to go back to school?” Below are articles, both from Dr. Maggie and other sources, that provide loads of information on health issues and treatments, as well as information on ways to get healthy and stay healthy. Also below are testimonials from Dr. Maggie’s patients which shed light on what future patients can expect from this doctor.

  • Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI)

    Has your doctor ever recommended a mammogram? Did you know that the Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is far superior than mammograms for several reasons? DITI in non invasive and has no radiation Can detect for cancer 10 years before mammograms or ultrasound Can detect for tumors, cysts and fibroids Is a true early detection

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  • “Wyoming is the Food Freedom Capital: House Bill 56 Now Law” by Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

    For thousands of years, people survived and thrived on all-natural foods, fresh from the earth to the table. In the modern age, as patients face complications and difficulties from over-processed and over-regulated food, states like Wyoming are making it easier for everyday citizens to enjoy vegetables, dairy, and more straight from farmer to consumer. Recommended Reading:

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  • All About Methylation

    If a patient is struggling with allergies, digestive issues, psychological problems, or a weakened immune system, the root of the condition may be methylation. It runs much deeper than anyone realizes—deeper than any individual organ or singular symptom. The problems with methylation may be brought on by lifestyle or it may be within a person’sRead more →
  • Famous Faces

    Dr. Maggie is part of a large community of people who are passionate about healthy living and natural medial treatments. The community seeks to learn and then educate others about about how to reach optimal health in all parts of the body. In May 2014 Dr. Maggie had the opportunity to meet Dr. Andrew Wakefield

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  • GAPS: Gut and Psychology Syndrome

    Over the past few decades, more and more parents are finding out that their children struggle with a spectrum of behavioral and chronic diagnoses: Asthma, Allergies, Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Dyspraxia. There are also more adults that are being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia later in life. Although all these conditions may seem separate,Read more →
  • The Basics of Functional Medicine

    Functional medicine (FM) is different from patients’ usual experiences (in a very good way). Office hours, prescriptions, invasive procedures—patients won’t associate any of these words with functional medicine and its practice. What they will associate is personalized care, natural remedies, wellness, and answers. While a majority of the American health community continues to rely on

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  • Dr. Maggie’s Medical Philosophy

    I wanted to publish something on my website that was so profound and insightful the minute you read the article it would l change your life. I wanted one of those AH-HA moments for everyone that would visit me—one of those moments where you decide that indeed your health is in your hands, and that

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  • MTHFR Defects: Some Conditions They cause:

    Diabetes Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Depression Alcoholism Addictive Behaviors Insomnia Down’s Syndrome Chronic Viral Infection Thyroid Dysfunction Neuropathy Recurrent Miscarriages Infertility Anxiety Schizophrenia Bipolar Allergies Cancer Pulmonary Embolisms Cleft Palette Spina Bifida Autism Parkinson’s Neural Tube Defects Atherosclerosis Immune Deficiency ADD/ADHD Multiple Sclerosis Alzheimer’s Dementia Chemical Sensitivity Congenital Heart Defects Provided by

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  • Thermography

    Thermography A hot weapon against breast cancer Survival rates for Breast Cancer have not changed since 1975 in spite of the billions of dollars raised annually for research. With only one out of three women surviving five years after their diagnosis and 110 dying daily. This year 1.4 million women will be diagnosed with BreastRead more →
  • Natural Treatments for Headaches

    Instead of reaching for the medicine cabinet, read about this natural treatment for headaches that helps target underlying stress and negative lifestyle habits.

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  • Treating IBS with Acupuncture

    Treating IBS with Acupuncture

    Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) causes bloating, upset stomach, and other problematic symptoms that create stress and make everyday life difficult. Discover natural ways to combat IBS without taking heavy drugs.

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  • Anxiety and Acupuncture

    Anxiety affects many people throughout their lives, and most are looking for a natural way to treat stress without relying on medications. Consider acupuncture as a way to achieve mental and emotional wellness.

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  • Acupuncture FAQ

    Acupuncture FAQ

    Get all the answers you’re looking for about acupuncture before your visit!

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