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    It seems that no matter where we turn everyone is talking about gut health. And rightly so since Science now know that 90 % of our immune system is in our gut. Who knew!!!

    With American’s holding the world record on chronic illnesses and obesity it’s about time we re-evaluate our approach to staying healthy and living longer.

    Did you know that for the first time in the history of this country our life expectancy is actually dropping?

    According to the annual report of the World Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) American’s are below average on more measurements of health then any of its 35 members.  We lead in overweight, obesity, infant mortality, childhood death, mental illness, suicide, dementia, Alzheimer, diabetes, heart disease, autism, cancer and chronic illness, just to name a few. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) these are the most common, costly and preventable diseases in our society. We also have the most expensive health care system in the world.

    Americans are 5% of the world population, yet we consume 50% of the world’s medication and 80% of the world’s opiates.

    Why us? What is unique to Americans? Our SAD diet (Standard American Diet). We are killing our gut flora with our food. Unique to our American foods are the following: Roundup Ready Seeds, Glyphosate in our foods, GMOs, hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics in our animals.

    Other countries have regulations in place where they do not allow any of these things in their foods or animals. The European Union will not buy American meats.

    How many times have you had a conversation with a friend who traveled to Spain or Italy and they cannot stop talking about how different the food was “over there”?

    Hyprocratist (the father of medicine said) “All diseases begin in the gut” and “Let thy food be thy medicine.” Food is not just food. Food feeds our gut flora. Your gut flora is everything.

    Just as we need a strong arm force to keep us safe, we need a strong gut flora to keep us safe and healthy.

    Let’s take a look at why. But first we need to take a walk back to 1990.

    It has been said that In 1990 “we set out on humanities greatest voyage of inward discovery ever. We set out to decode the human genome with the hope of preventing and curing most diseases.” Don’t remember who said it.

    It was an international effort that united the world of genetics. The collaboration included USA, UK, Canada, China, Japan, France and Germany. Over 100 scientist and 20 universities worked together for 13 years for the greater good. The project was a success; they were able to sequence all 3 billion neucleotides (letters of the DNA)


     The results where amazing, we know now that gut biome DNA out number our human DNA 10:1 , over one trillion gut biome. We are a symbiotic system of 3 pounds ( same as your brain) of , bacteria, virus, protozoa, fungus. There are more bacteria DNA then stars in the milky way.


    The HGBP has focus on 3 major areas, 1. Pregnancy and birth 2, Onset of Irritable bowel disease IBD 3. Onset of diabetes type 2. But ultimately why should you care. Well, your gut flora resides mostly in your large intestine and it is only influenced by what you eat and digest.

    Scientists know that 90% of our immune system as well as 90% of our good feeling hormones (gaba, seratonin, melatonin, nor epi, epinephrine ) are made in your gut. WOW, yes it is possible to reverse anxiety and depression by focusing on your gut flora.


    The last 20 years we have seen an exponential rise in depressio , anxiety, diabetes type 2, arthritis, cancers, thyroid disease, chronic fatigue. The research from the HGBP is shedding light on how you can control this manifestation of an un-well immune system by controlling the health of your gut flora.

    Every day I see in my office patient’s whose main complaints are tired, foggy thinking, depression (or anxiety), weight gain, insomnia, lack of libido, unmotivated, muscle pain and just sick and tired about feeling sick and tired.

    As a Doctor of oriental medicine specializing in functional medicine I see my patients turn their lives around in a very short time. We focus on their life styles and on their choice of foods. There is no bigger joy for me than to see my patient’s thrive and restore their health by empowering them with information which will allow us to come up with a unique plan to restore their health. I do not believe in protocols. I believe in becoming a patient/doctor team. Each patient is truly unique and I honor that.

    I challenge you to research on your own the importance of your gut health in relationship to whatever health challenge you may be facing.

    After personally being on anxiety, depression, thyroid, and high blood pressure medication for many years I was able to turn my own health around and so can you.

    Dr. Maggie Ruiz-Paedae DOM


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